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At Mauer Nutrition, we believe education is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Particularly, we think it’s important to understand what we eat and why we eat certain foods.

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life, but I never knew what it meant to stay fit from a nutritional standpoint. I knew what it was like to run, to lift weights, and to do whatever it took to sweat and stay in shape. But what does it mean to stay fit nutritionally? Why do I put certain things in my body?” 

~ Kenny Mauer, Founder of Mauer Nutrition

Kenny Mauer photoOur Story

Currently in his 32nd season as an NBA referee, Kenny Mauer spends much of his time around world-class athletes. He's been subjected to all sorts of protein bars and supplements used by athletes to fuel performance and support recovery. Mauer sought more information on these products out of curiosity. 

He started to read labels more closely, which revealed most sports nutrition products are made with artificial preservatives, refined sugars, and even GMOs (genetically modified organisms). But what does all of this mean?

After years of reading, speaking with scientific researchers, and devoting his time to understanding proper nutrition, Mauer completely changed his diet. But he quickly realized clean eating can be difficult for those of us who lead a busy lifestyle, so he took matters into his own hands.

“We wanted to start something that we believed in -- something that we were passionate about. It needs to be something that is good for all people. What can a mother give her 8-year-old? What can a high school kid eat? How about a professional athlete? How about an NBA referee? How about the working class men and women who deal with stress every day? Something for everybody.” 

~ Kenny Mauer, Founder of Mauer Nutrition

Real ingredients. Clean energy. Healthy lifestyle.

All Mauer Nutrition protein bars and weight management bars are made with real ingredients from the natural world.


                Most importantly, we believe clean eating should taste amazing, so everything we make is mouth-watering delicious.

                New to Mauer Nutrition?

                If you're unsure where to start, we recommend trying our Sampler Pack. This includes seven delicious protein bars, plus both flavors of the world's first 100% organic plant-based weight management bars, Organic Trim.