GRAB N' GO NUTRITION - Keep your nutrition in balance!

Grab n' Go Protein Bars ARE YOU READY FOR FALL? Can you keep your nutrition in balance? Our Mauer Sports Nutrition bars and minis are perfect grab n' go snack for between meals, after school activities and during sports activities. When you eat a bar, you will be full. The protein in our bars is at least 20 grams. Your body breaks down protein into amino acids that are beneficial to every cell in your body, from hormones, hair, nails, repairing tissues, and the building blocks of bones, muscles, skin and blood! Low sodium content and clean ingredients. Lots of items out there can be organic and taste blah, our products are great tasting! Be ready this fall to keep your kids, students, athletes and yourselves on a good nutrition path when time is limited! Grab n' Go Nutrition!

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