CLEAN EATING = Organic (non-GMO) whole foods, nothing processed and no gluten or refined sugar!

With that being said, we knew our bar would definitely contain no gluten, refined sugar and also come from organic whole foods with no preservatives or additives.  When you eat a bar, you will be full. The protein in our bars is at least 20 grams. Your body breaks down protein into amino acids that are beneficial to every cell in your body from hormones, hair, nails, repairing tissues, and the building blocks of bones, muscles, skin and blood. Organic insures you aren't eating pesticides or Genetically Modified Organisms which are certain foods created in a laboratory (corn, soy, cottonseed to name a few) that are a scientific experiment of tampering with genes of different species and plants to yield more product. The rise of illness across the nation has risen with the rise of GMO foods. Our bars have a high fiber content ...around 14 grams which aids in digestion which helps to release toxins (by going to the bathroom). When you subtract fiber from carbs, Mauers content is very low compared to other bars. When looking for a bar you want more protein than carbs. Our carbs are 30 minus 14 fiber and we're around 16. Protein at 20 or 21. We also have a low sodium content. All ingredients are clean. All of this PLUS it tastes fantastic.

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